What Is the Standard Height for a Shower Curtain Rod

The standard size of a shower curtain is 70 inches wide by 72 inches high. Assume that the shower curtain will hang approximately 1-1/2 inches below the center of the rod and that you would like the curtain to hang 3 inches above the floor. Then the rod should be mounted with its center at 76-1/2 inches above the floor.. .Answer. .The primary consideration when hanging a shower curtain is to keep the water in the shower. If you have a shower tub, you want to make sure the curtain can fit inside the tub without folding over at the bottom. The only exception to the above measurements would be if the shower tub is raised off of the floor. You would then need to make adjustments accordingly.

What Is the Standard Height for a Shower Curtain Rod 1

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Need suggestions for curtain colors and decorations.?

I like the navy and cream..adding in navy and cream accessories throughout both rooms will tie it all together. I agree with your thinking..I am not a fan of hunter green

How can i get my curtain rod up when i can't screw the nails into the wall?

What Is the Standard Height for a Shower Curtain Rod 2

use elmers glue, very sticky and tastes great

how do i hang a curtain rod anchored into plaster walls.?

on the top of your windows are headers. these extend past the sides up to about 4ins. you will need a 1-1/2 nail or screw to get past the lathe and plaster.the metal anchors are ok . but only if it is hollow behind wall

what does a curtain wall mean in building construction?

Is a Frameless Glass Panel - usually less than 1meter x 1meter with 12mm Thickness c/w tempered type (look from outside is frameless but look from inside you may see the aluminum skeleton) supported by Aluminum panel. It is install at the building facet so that exteriorily it looks modern and nice

What color bed cover would u buy to match a satiny off-white curtain?

I think i would try a dark red color

Does it look stupid if I use a bed sheet for a curtain?

sounds like white trash to me

We have rectangular shower curtain od around our claw foot tub - there's no space for shampoos and soap.?

yah, you could get some of those really nice bathroom organizers. they come in all shapes and sizes

Why, in some orchestras, do you audition behind a curtain?

As the others have noted, "blind" auditions were created to reduce gender bias, which favoured male musicians. The increased number of female musicians chosen since the introduction of this new method of auditioning has shown that the bias was real.Orchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of "Blind" Auditions on Female Musicians

My mom says curtain beds are only for married couples?

That is your mother's belief and it is to be respected. Your belief may be very different than hers. With the gentlest of respect take her hand and bring Mom along with you. She will be delighted.

should curtain rods match in all bedrooms?

i might definitely follow coordinating hardware interior of each and every room. this might provide the room a finished, cohesive seem. The bright silver accents will provide your grasp bathing room an upscale hotel seem. it would additionally help with the resale fee of the domicile. you additionally can proceed the bright silver hardware and accents into the grasp suite for the reason this is a series. regardless of the undeniable fact that, you do no longer would desire to do it throughout the finished domicile. when you consider which you relish brushed nickel the kitchen may be a large place to comprise it into the decor. have exciting!

Who enjoyed the iron curtain!!!?

Sigh, and I thought there would be some serious intent in the Q. First of all you posted in the wrong category, and while you may get a lot of attention, which seems to be your agenda I will offer some valid thoughts on the actual Q. No offense. Actually WE, the US and allies, “enjoyed“ and used it as a way to isolate from those block countries hiding behind it. I seriously doubt there was ever any REAL intent for anyone to PUSH THE BUTTON, but it certainly drove our economy, which is so fixed in a war based mode anyway. Worse was the end, the Lifting of it, most especially for our economy and culture. What it did was expand foreign trade, sadly, mutually profitable, to such companies as Walmart, and slave labor companies in the USSR and China, etc. Lifting certainly created narrow, specific wealth, and apparently created a sense here that CHEAPER is better, in a smiley face price slash, or a blue light special, but.... It also did and still does sap our manufacturing, millions of jobs, loss of income and stability of our personal and country wide economy, and demoralized millions into not having a choice but to shop “Made In *****“ Had we not chosen to negotiate the lifting of the wall, telling our population that it would offer or bring us to higher levels of peace, we could have easily remained isolationsist, secure in our stability, and have sated our greeds within our borders. Obviously PEACE did not happen, the economy might be steady, but “steadily declining“. We are truly a decent country, but could as easily end up not being the only country of Power, on the planet, unless we keep giving up our kids to fight our governments battles. I think the Onus of WEIGHT is certainly on us now, while others, even our enemies patiently wait our decline. Steven Wolf Just my 2 “sense“

Euro 2008: group D curtain-raisers?

Spain, as we all know have been underachieving for almost as long as our good neighbours Engerlund. I expect them to be a.Really good b. Really poor My cash is on Russia but if Spain win 4-0, it would not surprise me, with the Russians at almost 6/1 on Betfair, gotta take a shot at Spain blowing it like usual.... Im gonna go for Spain 1-2 Russia and Greece 0-0 Sweden if I was asked for correct scores

What can I use to make a curtain?

another sheet works great. pick a matching color that you like. ifyou want the room to be dark, use a darker sheet

Should I tip my curtain lady?

If you are very well pleased with her Performance it is okay to show your appreciation.As long as you make an offer you can not keep up.Explain,normally you would not do that.

older men; if you saw your daughter's friends beef curtain hanging out of her swimsuit would u lick it?

why are you telling us you have that?! thats embarrising, and gross. this whole things gross and makes me wanna gag. he's 48!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did this even come about?!.

Do you believe there is men behind the curtain that control everything?

Yes there,s a secret underground government, they can make the mafia mob blush

how do airbags ( including side and curtain airbags) reduce injuries in car collisions?

for particular, the youngster could desire to be interior the midst of the decrease back seat. Statistacally, it is the main secure place to be in any coincidence. besides, those part airbags are great, yet not for a small baby. i've got investigated a great sort of crashes and consequently, while youthful, my babies have been continuously interior the middle. stable success

Do you know former Republican Speaker TRENT LOTT is the real man behind the curtain of our current disaster...?

I need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce Do not be frontin son — no seeds on the bun We be up in this drive through order for two I gots a cravin' fo' a numba nine like my shoe We need some chicken up in here, in this hizzle For rizzle my mizzle, extra salt on da frizzle Doctor pepper my brothah, another for ya motha Double-double supah size and do not forget the fries

Story about a planet with curtain-like time 'zones'

The Veils of Azlaroc by Fred Saberhagen. Here are the covers. Here is an Amazon.com review by Tab L. Uno:The novel The Veils of Azlaroc is an expansion of two shorter works, the short story "To Mark the Year on Azlaroc" and the novelette "Beneath the Hills of Azlaroc"; the latter was published in Odyssey, Spring 1976, available at the Internet Archive

How does one remove red lily pollen stains from a white curtain?

Put a bit of tape on the pollen stain. You can use simple, everyday sticky tape to remove lily pollen without touching it. Simply press the tape gently onto the stain and then carefully remove it; the pollen should come off as well. If you donu2019t have any sticky tape at home, you could try lightly sweeping a pipe cleaner or a small brush across the stain to remove excess pollen instead.

What style of curtain is this?

Rod pocket panels with tie ups. Decorative, and not really functional

Are there any curtain dividers for bedrooms or rooms in general???

My husband got one from Pier 1 Imports, try there. Also Ikea, and Pottery Barn

Disadvantages of electronic first curtain shutter?

I know this post is old, but I wanted to put in my two cents.I have a Sony A77 Mk2. The way I shoot is take multiple photos, then compare them at 100% magnification and look for any sort of blurring. I do this as for some reason I have trouble steadying my hands, but that's beyond the point. When I switched over from my A300 to the A77 Mk2, I started to notice noise in my photos. I took it in, and they disabled the setting (along with the enable Distort Comp), I found the images were cleaner.However, just recently (like mins ago), it was bugging me "is this doing what I think it is". So I ran another test run, and found that while small, I did see detail lost with the setting enabled (saw what was pencil erasings or like on an item, they were crisper with the setting off).So I have noticed that there is more noise with this setting enabled, and while small, it was enough to bug me

Should I buy a striped pattern curtain even though my bedspread is a floral pattern?

I think they look great together. It does not really matter what the pattern is. It looks a lot better sometimes even if they are not exactly the same. You should go for it

How did the iron curtain and the berline blockade of 1948 contribute to the red scare?

The events of the late 1940s — the trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the Iron Curtain (1945-91) around Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union's nuclear weapon — surprised the American public, influencing popular opinion about U.S. national security, that, in turn, connected to fear of the Soviet Union atomic-bombing the United States, and fear of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA). In Canada, the 1946 Kellock-Taschereau Commission investigated espionage after top secret documents concerning RDX, radar and other weapons were handed over to the Soviets by a domestic spy-ring. At the House Un-American Activities Committee, former CPUSA members and NKVD spies, Elizabeth Bentley and Whittaker Chambers, testified that Soviet spies and communist sympathizers had penetrated the U.S. government before, during and after World War II. Other U.S. citizen spies confessed, some with pride, to their acts of espionage in situations where the statute of limitations on prosecuting them had run. In 1949, anti-communist fear, and fear of American traitors, was aggravated by the Chinese Communists winning the Chinese Civil War against the Western-sponsored Kuomintang, their founding of the People's Republic of China, and later Chinese intervention in the Korean War (1950-53) against U.S. ally South Korea

A problem like ( y 6 ) ( y - 3 ) how do i know when to make curtain things - or ?

so u know the rule of foil right? first outside inside last. Ok to determine what sign it is (/-) it depends on what u multiply 2gether. since its posative y times positive y the answer will be posative y^2, then its negative 3 times y (u know any negative times posative turns negative) so itl be -3y, then its posative 6 times posative y = posative 6y then -3x6=-18 so the final answer will be y^2-3y6y-18 = y^23y-18. ill explain foil just incase u dont get it. (xy)(a-b) foil= first outside inside last u firstly multiply the first parts of both brackets so in this case it would be x times a = xa then o multiply the outsides of each bracket whivh is x times -b = -xb thge the insides of the brackets in this case would be y times a = ya the the last parts of the bracket which is -b times y = -yb so the answer is xa-xbya-yb hope it helps

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