Towels, Where Is the Right Place to Hang?

Towels are essential for every one of us. For example, face washing should be done with a face towel, bath towels should be used for bathing, dry towels should be used for hand washing (hand rubbing), rags should be used for hygiene, etc., so many towels are counted, if the number of households Many, such as a small couple, a man's parents, a woman's parents counted as six people, according to one person's face towel, bath towel and towel, this counts 18, plus children Family, hand-washed, face-washing, washing the buttocks, bathing, wiping the body and other kinds of towels, the total count is even more, so many towels hanging where to be good?I think that most people's towels are still hanging in the bathroom. After all, washing the bathroom in the bathroom is a reasonable thing, and the towel hanging in the bathroom is also more convenient for use. Then, let's analyze the bathroom and balcony. Where is the towel often hanging!Usually the design of the bathroom is divided into dry and wet areas, the dry area is used for brushing and washing hands, and the wet area is used for bathing. Therefore, for these functional partitions, let's take a look at where the towels are often hung. 1. The wall on the side of the washbasinFor washing your face, the easier it is to use the towel near the washbasin, so many people will install a towel hanger on the side wall of the washbasin, especially for the main bathroom, for the bathroom for two. This is really a good way; a simple single shot is used to hang a small couple's towel and foot; if you want to be more practical, you can choose this kind of towel bar with a layered shelf, the layer can be placed on the green Planting and other items, below the towel, two birds with one stone.2. Use round hooksThis kind of hooking method is mainly for the dry towel of the hanging hand. After all, the hand is washed, the feeling of wet answer is not very comfortable, so it is very good to have a dry towel to wipe the hand; or it is this Y-shaped hook, It's fun to wear a small towel with a small dress.3. Near the toiletYes, near the toilet, that is, near the toilet, such as the top of the toilet, the side wall and other installation of towel racks, many people may not want to hang the towel on the toilet, the first reason is that the toilet is always smelly, the towel is hung The above will absorb the taste, and the second is that the towel is wet and hangs on the top to easily wet the toilet. In fact, although everyone is so reluctant to hang on the toilet, they will still see a lot of real maps installed on it. Why?4. Behind the doorThe back of the door is not ventilated. I am the first one who does not want to hang the towel on it, but if necessary, I can install the hook on the back of the door to make it easier for the family to use it.5. Shower room wallThere are places for washing your face, towels for wiping your hands, bath towels for your body, etc. Where are the towels for bathing? Therefore, installing a towel rack on the blank wall of the shower room is definitely for the convenience of hanging the towel for bathing.6. The door handle of the shower roomBecause the house is a hardcover room, the bathroom towel rack has been installed. The second guard is to install the towel rack in the shower room, and the main towel rack is installed above the toilet and is a single pole. Especially inconvenient, slowly, I found that I could hang the towel on the handle of the shower door, the sliding door handle inside hangs the bath towel, the handle of the sliding door outside hangs the hair, washes the towel, although it does not look like Beautiful, but very practical, and gradually, I saw that many people use this at home, and it is not particularly ugly.Finally, let me talk about the notes that the towel is hung in the bathroom: the bathroom remembers to open the window and keep the towel dry, because the moist environment and the moist towel are easy to breed bacteria.Towel Manufacturers, China Wholesale and custom towel. hand towel, washcloth www. towel-manufacturers. com.

Towels, Where Is the Right Place to Hang? 1

Why do my bath towels smell "burnt" after washing?

Maybe you should lower the heat in the dryer instead of the drying time. I have had mine have a burnt smell after going to the laudromat and using the hotter gas powered dryer

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