If You Had to Choose to Not Ever Wash Your Bed Sheets Again Or Not Wash Your Bath Towel Ever Again?

the bathtowel.. i have tons of them, and i am clean when i use them, are not i?

If You Had to Choose to Not Ever Wash Your Bed Sheets Again Or Not Wash Your Bath Towel Ever Again? 1

1. Why is re-using a bath towel bad?

sophisticated issue. research at yahoo. that will can help!

2. Is it better to use a bath towel over and over or should you use it once and wash it??

While it is really nice to always have a freshly laundered towel (preferably warm from the drier) it is not realistic or energy efficient to always be washing your towels. Three or four times between washing your towel sounds about right

If You Had to Choose to Not Ever Wash Your Bed Sheets Again Or Not Wash Your Bath Towel Ever Again? 2

3. If your EX turned into a BATH TOWEL what would you do?


4. Should i make my 14 year old daughter buy me a new my bath towel?

yeah i would and id ground her for a week aswell!!

5. How many times do you use your bath towel before washing it?

About three days. I am trying to conserve water by not washing my towels after one use. However, I think that the longest I can go is about 3-4 days

6. is it alright to use the same bath towel more than once after bathing?

you do dry yourself off after you clean yourself so it cant be dirty but i would not do it more than for a week straight

7. What would you say to your if EX if they turned into a Bath Towel?

I would say "hey, this question has been already asked like 100000000 times!"

8. do you use the same bath towel over and over or grab a clean one every time?

I use the same one a few times

9. Girls, if your boyfriend realy annoyed you , then suddenly transformed into a bath towel what would you do?

*turns into Rachel Ray* CHOP AND DROP HON, CHOP AND DROP!

10. Do you use any ole bath towel , or do you have a fave that you use to wrap yourself in after a nice hot bath ?

I use whatever towel is there when I get out of the tub

11. If you had to choose to not ever wash your bed sheets again or not wash your bath towel ever again....?

bath towel for sure

12. How often should I wash my bath towel?

James B is sort of right ... if your towel dries quickly and thoroughly between uses and does not get a sour smell, it is probably alright for more than one use. Fresh cloth for face washing, you can use the same cloth AFTER face washing for other parts. Be sure the cloths are dry before tossing in the hamper; wash in HOT water with a good disinfectant (we use Borax at our house because we do not like chlorine bleach; you can use peroxide or washing soda) and a cup of white vinegar in final rinse. Dry in full sunshine or HOT dryer and you start the week off with clean towels. UNLESS you have a sickroom in the house: then do the laundry of the sick person separately

13. After using your bath towel do you wash it or use it again?

We resuse towels. Having just been used on my clean, fresh from the shower body, they are not dirty

14. Shampoo and bath towel in the UK hotels?

erm . . . what is the question? they do.

15. POLL: Do you wash your bath towel after each use...?

i use mine twice and then to the dirty clothes for it lol

16. how do I remove mold/mildew odor from a bath towel?

dont keep you want a towel on your skin that had mold on it towels are freakin 5 cent (exaggerating) but let it go

17. packing list for boarding school?

I found a packing list for college and I figured it could work for boarding school too. Acne/cleansing wash and acne cream Alarm clock: very important! Anti-Itch cream Backpack/messenger bag Batteries, especially AA Binders Bins or boxes for storing papers/folders Blanket: fleece or thermal Body lotion Bulletin board with pins Cable/wiring organizer: for your computer wires Calendar: to keep track of the date and days; dry-erase calendars are awesome for scrawling in important events and then erasing for the next month Calculator or graphing calculator Camera-- at least a disposable one Clothes Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Cold and cough medicine: Robitussin/Dimetap College-rule line paper Colored markers and colored pencils Comb or hairbrush Comforter Computer-- Laptop or Desktop or Notebook. Cell Phone Correspondence: Various cards or letter paper, for birthdays or congratulations etc Cough drops Cotton balls: many uses, including for applying/wiping off make-up, applying antiseptics to cuts and wounds Curling iron (hair) Day planner, agenda etc Deodorant (can not forget that!) Desk lamp Desk organizers Dry-erase markers Eggshell pad or mattress pad or mattress foam Envelopes (white, letter type) Erasers Eye drops Facial lotion (especially if you are in a colder climate and your skin will tend to dry out more easily) Favorite books Febreze Files and expandable filing folders Flashlight Floss Folders-- with pockets and three-prongs Fragrance: perfume or cologne, or body sprays Glasses Graphing paper Hair dryer Hairbands/hair pins for ladies Hairspray/sculpting cream Hand-held electronic games (Gameboy etc) Headphones Highlighters iPod Kleenex or other facial tissue Laptops and desktops: for work/studying, but plays your music and DVDs as well Laptop case Laundry Hamper or Bin Lip balm Lint-roller Loofah/sponge or wash towel Make-up Manila envelopes (for papers or reports that you do not want folded) Mouse Mouthwash Musical instrument/music books Nail clippers Nail file Nail polish remover Notepads Pain and fever relief-- Tylenol, Advil, ibuprofen Paperclips Pencils Pencil case/container Pencil Sharpener Pens: regular blue, black and red; have at least one, nicer ball-point pen as well Photos and picture frames Pillows Posters, of course Post-its Power strips (because you will only have so many electrical outlets) Printer Paper (white) Q-Tips. Robe Rubber bands Rug Safe or lockbox for valuables Shampoo Sharpies or any other permanent marker (thick and thin) Shaving lotion, gel or body wash for shaving Shaving razor Sheets Shower caddy/tote Shower shoes (flip-flops) Small pair of nose hair scissors (gross, I know, but for any overgrown hairs from your nose) Soap or body wash Spiral notebooks Stamps Stapler and staples Straightening iron (hair) Sunglasses Suntan lotion Swim goggles Tape dispenser and clear tape refills Three-hole punch adapter Toothbrush Toothpaste Towels (at least two sets each of bath towel, hand towel, face towel etc) Trash Can TV Tweezers Umbrella- a good, sturdy one. Video games Water bottles Waterless hand sanitizer Whiteboard with dry-erase markers (lots of people hang these outside their rooms so friends can leave messages) White-out or correctional fluid Windex

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At least... that's what we thought before one man revealed just how dirty even a so-called 'clean' towel really is.Yep, Jared Guynes says he was shocked to see that his freshly cleaned towels were still covered in grime when his wife went to deep clean them.And his Facebook post, which shows the bath they were soaked in full of dirty water, has left people rattled, to say the least.Jared's wife had learnt about 'towel stripping' from YouTube - which is basically where you deep clean your towels with Arm & Hammer baking soda, borax, Oxi Clean, and hot water in a bathtub, and let them soak out all their excess grime overnight."In this case she took our collection of clean towels, let me say that again, the towels were totally clean, washed and folded and in the linen closet, completely clean, completely normal," he wrote."The story that she told me is that over the years of use, microscopic amounts of soap and detergent get locked in to the fibres of the towels."Subsequently that stuff gets gummed up and can also trap microscopic amounts of dirt and grime and bacteria, even after going through the washing machine with detergent."So after seeing someone else do it she decided to do the experiment on our own towels here in the tub."He warned: "The towels at your house, no matter how clean you think they are, are probably this nasty too".In the interest of transparency, Jared told followers of the post that his towels were blue and brown, so some of the colouring could have been dye.However, he added that when he tried the same trick with white towels, "the results were still a very concerning and disgusting looking grey....sort of like Cracker Barrel gravy or something."Jared's post now has over 144,000 'shares' on the platform, with many wanting to impart his wife's wisdom on their loved ones.How can I get my bath towels to smell good?Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to the wash. Make sure the towels are completely dry. Vinegar is a great deodorizer, plus it works as a fabric softener. The vinegar smell dissipates as it dries, and it does not cause reactions on my skin, and I have very sensitive skin.How do I stop my bath towels from smelling moldy?Easy and cheap::> towels in washer, not too many, hot water, laundry soap, and white vinegar, do not be afraid to really dump some in there too. Let sit over night, finish cycle in the morning, extra rinse maybe, dry in dryer with dryer sheats, smile big after next bath or showerHow do you store your bath towels? (See Below)?in baskets rolled upwhere can i find bath towels?If you have a little time to wait...find out when JC Penny has their sale...I think they call it "White Sale" and you can get a huge bargain on really nice towels. For the price of a ok towel at Walmart, you can get a very expensive, very nice towel(s)..you might also keep your eye out for their after Christmas sale. .sometimes the towels are around 60% off then. Huge bargain and lots of variety. You might even try their website and look at the clearance items as well as the JC Penny outlet storeHow do remove mildew smell from bath towels?sounds like it might be the machines fault, try using a washing machine cleaning powder, a lot of scum and dirt collects on the outer side of the drum you cannot see, eventually resulting in an undesirable smell being washed into your clothes. if that doesnt work and its the towels, buy new ones! or try a dry-cleanerhow to properly wash and dry bath towels?You will always get lint from towels, even after years of washing and drying you will still get some amount of lint. Never put anything else in with towels to dry, like blankets or sweaters, that's where they get those pilings from.How can I get a musty odor from my Bath towels and wash clothes?It is not your machines. If they are bleachable lighter colors, you do not have to do anything but bleach them with chlorine bleach. (You need to make sure that you believe you can use chlorine bleach on them. I can not know the details of all your washable garments & stuff.) If they are not bleachable, try T detergent (Are we allowed to say?) with non-chlorine bleach already added to the laundry soap. (It works for me.) I had the same problem. They turned out looking clean but, they did not smell good even though I used the ok detergent. So I figured out that they would not smell bad if they were not "harboring bacteria". So I used bleach & presto, the smell was gone!! I found that I did not have to add bleach everytime that I washed my towels, maybe sheets, or kitchen linens, whatever does not smell good, but only once in a while, as necessary. Our bodies, if you truly knew how many thousands & thousands of (microscopic) dead skin cells that are sloughed off of our bodies onto our bathtowels, ESPECIALLY. Also, our sheets & clothing- you would be truly shocked. Even kitchen washcloths get to smelling bad if you do not wash them & get a new one daily. Sponges, because of the way that they are made, can possibly poison us. You have to go to extra trouble to disinfect those. I do not use them generally I hope this helps.
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